Wednesday, October 3, 2012

911. Coming to the head of things

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Students learn (and even can acquire!) English or any other language by means of activities: some discussion, drills, projects-works, watching a movie, reading an e-book... but all those things are means, not the end and goal of the person.

We attend our work day after day, but all that is means, not the goal itself. This one has to be trascendent: man and woman are not beings who do things and that’s it. I would say this trascendence makes reference to God, who is trascendent to man and woman.

All a long career as a teacher is so nice, but is there anything else? That career can be to live life to the full, but I think there should be something trascendent, something else after retirement and life. I think you can work with God all the professional career, and afterwards, to continue living with God after the person dies.

All my effort, what for? Well, to help students to learn English, okay, but the human person demands something else, something spiritual and trascendent, I would tell you, if you let me so.” / Photo from: oldrags tumblr com. portrait of a lady by Jean-Laurent Mosnier ca 1790    
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