Monday, March 23, 2015

2220. A friend of your students as well

I know a female teacher, another candidate for level C2 of English with me and others, 
which is the same or equivalent to Proficiency within Cambridge examinations of English, 
I was saying that that girl, a female teacher, accomplished to have tutorials and tutoring sessions and informal meetings with girls of her secondary education school or “instituto”, 
after the class or between classes: they just came up toward this teacher and told her about their problems and issues in general, in a natural way, as I said. 

She did good to those girls – young men just didn’t come up. 

And she was faithful toward them. I guess this is an example to try to fulfill, isn’t it? / Photo from: www memocal com. the teacher on the picture is another one, not the protagonist of this anecdote.
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