Saturday, March 16, 2013

980. Thank you Dad and Mom! (2)

Phew! I gave a translation into English of the text in Spanish on post # 979 – so yesterday’s one. I changed some minor nuances so you could obtain the writer’s aim in my opinion. Sorry for the errors and mistakes. I tried to do my best. 

Something of a paramount importance is that the relationship between both spouses be based on authenticity, respect, kindness, and affection and love. 

That very relationship has to be united and joined by love. That love will unite the spouses IF it is authentic, genuine, strong – in other words IF it is founded on the other spouse’s looking for his or her own good and benefit, and not on selfishness of one of them nor rivalry about areas of power or other things. 

Otherwise, that foundation implies a continuous and permanent wish of being pleasing and nice, plus some genuine concern about small things and nice details plus a daily conquering the other spouse. 

All that is pretty far from boredom or a lowering of the love that one day existed. 

Right, okay, but so what can I do or must do? 

Doing one’s utmost and putting oneself’s out; this is: donating myself to the other spouse. / Photo from: bbc com Ratra _ House _ Little _ Ratra _ Phoenix _ Park _ Dublin      
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