Wednesday, March 27, 2013

989. For parents and families

One day teacher A said to teacher B, “The teen should be praised for his struggle and effort to learn than for his grades [or marks]. 

I mean he has studied the test a lot, and this ought to be praised. Moreover, his grades will be nice because of his effort. I’m talking now about the adolescent’s parents and family. 

Should the parents or the family supervise and inspect the child or teen? Up to what extent? 

The answer is as various as people are. 

However, and concerning what you told me, you teacher have got to tell those parents not to supervise and inspect their son’s study – he’s grown enough. They ought to loose the reins step after step. The point is helping the kid be an autonomous learner. Those people don't have to supervise and inspect their son’s school diary, where he writes down his homework and tests, in favor of letting him be his own protagonist. Call them to school and talk with them, I'd tell you.” / Photo from: nwbookfest org. books for kids. mom and daughter   
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