Wednesday, March 27, 2013

988. Resources for teachers of languages

This piece of an article may be interesting for your teaching. At TeacherLingo website you’ll find lots of material for your classes. There’s a link at the right column of my blog. Also many teachers there offer material that may be so useful. It’d be great the piece of the article below be useful.

“Teaching without a coursebook”
From British Council – BBC

Submitted by TE Editor on 30 March, 2011 - 08:37
Whether you're starting with a new class or just changing direction a little the decision of how to structure a course without a coursebook can sometimes be difficult for a new or even experienced teacher.
  • What's wrong with using a coursebook?
  • A topic-based syllabus
  • Structuring the course
    • Needs analysis
    • Set short-term objectives
    • Remedial grammar
    • Error correction
    • Variety
  • Conclusion

What's wrong with using a coursebook?
Well, in many cases, nothing! With the constant updating of text books to include new and relevant topics, ideas and methodology, teachers have a great set of resources at their fingertips. Students however may not see it that way. Perhaps they have had past experiences with a "bad" textbook, in other words, following a book which is not well chosen in terms of their age, interests and needs. Maybe they are lacking a little variety in their classes or perhaps you or they just want a break or a change from routine. / Photo from: learn-english-effectively blogspot com

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