Sunday, March 24, 2013

986. Advancing step by step

One day teacher B said to teacher A, “I guess some of my students don’t make good use of the English course book. They don’t know how to study and work on that book. 

They see pictures, titles, exercises, listening icons or symbols, grammar charts, drills, filling out the blanks… My students are about 16 years. 

Last class I assigned as homework to look carefully at the pages of next unit. After the Holy Week’s vacations I’ll ask them what is the unit like, what the contents are, and what they’re going to learn in that unit. 

I told them they must clearly find out what they’re going to face up with. I would like to say that they are on the right path to take profit of the textbook. The point here is I’m trying to make them more aware and autonomous at learning. I did this activity last year and we saw the pages of a unit in the class, and I can tell you they improved their learning styles.” / Photo from: edmontonjournal com. the beatles 
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