Friday, March 8, 2013

977. Love in everyday things (2)

Here is the translation of post # 976. I hope you like it.

Juana [I invented the names]., I have found something in a book that could help you both, you and Antonio. 

I know little about what is going on between you two – anyway I somehow hope this message could help you.

We should not be afraid about likely coming crises. However, it’s horrible that today when a couple is suffering dire straits they break off, and they look for another person. It’s then when they should set their relationship in a more matured way. Love then will also be more authentic and genuine. 

Any crisis is a new chance to grow and polish one’s self.

I apply all this to myself too.

The author is a French priest, an expert in spiritual direction or accompaniment, whose name is Jacques Philippe.

The first love may have faded away. It’s precisely then the time to recall that love is mainly seeking the best for the other person.

It’s worth to think about all this, isn’t it?

Best wishes

Ah, remember you count on God’s help, through the sacrament of marriage. It is an essential aid. As well other two sacraments help here: penance and Eucharist.
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