Friday, March 22, 2013

984. Interesting listening classes

One day teacher B said to teacher A, “These days both of us, my students and I are enjoying conversation sessions with a native speaker that is from Manhattan. She’s great. 

These speaking sessions take one hour. Yesterday, Tuesday March 21 we had one session. 

We were four adult students plus me. The American girl is studying her degree in New York: political and environmental sciences. The sessions are fluent and colloquial. One thing she did yesterday (because of a suggestion by me) was describing a few pictures from an issue of National Geographic. We were listening to her. 

Yesterday too (11:30 through 12:25) my students asked her about places and facts of Manhattan. Her English is simple to understand. I tell you all this for it could be an activity you could implement in your classes. These speaking sessions are cool and useful.” / Photo from: simon rochester edu. listening in class image       
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