Thursday, March 14, 2013

978. "Thank you!"

One day English teacher A said to English teacher B, “Management of the class and discipline is something the student has got to acquire by himself. The best discipline in the classroom is one's self-discipline, and is learned and acquired by students. 

One way is to be grateful, to show gratitude. 

If you, teacher, thank your students for a well-done small job for example, this action serves to keep more discipline. 

Some students can be rude, right, but I guess that if you thank one of them in a repeated way, day after day, he will behave a bit better. If you teacher are polite and serious and a bit conspicuous, plus you don’t lose your temper, the class will develop better and better. 

Teens feel insecure and they’re growing their personality, so if you treat them in a polite way, they will grow up fine. It’s just because they see you consider them as real persons, and you trust them. They realize they can do useful things – you consider and appreciate their work, and they appreciate that you treat them that way.” / Photo from: lattc edu. student writing on chalkboard     
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