2137. You're free and responsible, remember

We may coincide at the statement that everybody is free, and responsible of their actions, right? 

Let’s now think of a school, of a classroom: each student is free at doing what he thinks it’s okay at certain time. Along his actions he is making himself. He’s making himself! 

He’s the protagonist of his learning process, even more, of his education process. It’s a relief he can count on his teachers. 

As well we can consider that it’s a relief because he can learn this nice habit from this teacher and he can discard another behavior, of another teacher. 

Coming to the head: we teachers educate our students, not merely when at the classroom, but also with all our life – we’re responsible of the examples we set. Even our private lives do influence on our students, in one way or another. / Photo from: teacher-students-surrounding-laptop-resize www sheknows com


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