2145. Making things work right

One day, at the beginning of the academic year, I took to the classroom visual aids, specifically pictures of objects, scenes, etc. The size of the photos was A4 approximately. 

I put the pictures on top of the chalkboard. 

I was rookie at that grade, 3rd of secondary education – the kids were 14 mainly. And rookie in general - it was my first years as a teacher. 

I started an activity that obviously had to do with the pictures plus talking something in English. Pretty soon I started to realize that they considered that exercise as so childish. 

I got mad, a bit mad or upset, even I could have shouted at somebody of them. 

Well, actually you must know where you are. Visual aids are ok with children, but at certain age they think you’re treating them like children and this is no good. 

I don’t mean you cannot use visual aids at that age, but other types and in a different mode – for example you can use pictures for them to describe to their classmates while these ones can't see them, or you yourself can do it, or from their course books. / Photo from: iStock_000018372274Medium www ojnetworks com au


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