2143. A worksheet for you and your students!

Following is a worksheet I will utilize with my adult students. Their level is generally intermediate or upper-intermediate. We are going to work on it, and so conversation and discussion arise, up to the point that our nice discussion reaches other different topics. I hope there won't be much formatting bugs.

Worksheet # 166
January 22, 2015
In class
1.    What does ……. mean?
2.    How do you say ……. In English?
3.    How do you pronounce that word?
4.    The pronunciation is …….
5.    I don’t understand you. Could you repeat that sentence?
6.    What do you mean?
7.    I mean an animal.
8.    I mean it!
9.    Could you speak more slowly, please?
10. I’m sorry. I don’t understand.
11. I do mean it!
12. Is this correct, please?


In the second term we had a volunteer girl for the conversation sessions. She was from Midwest in USA, exactly from Kansas, so surrounded by Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma.

It’s Missouri where there have been racial problems, you know, African-American guys riddled and killed by white police officers.

Her name was Áine, so she had an Irish origin, we assumed. The pronunciation is /AWnya/. It means “splendor, brilliance, radiance”. Actually she told us many a thing from Ireland, and its Celtic culture. Her great-grandparents actually were from Ireland. At the beginning of the 20th century they emigrated to America.

It was interesting to talk with her. When she cheered up she said “Sláinte!” She told us that in the west of Ireland there are people with dark hair, which is not that common in general. She said that some vessels from the Armada shipwrecked on those coasts and shores, in the 16th century. And the Spanish soldiers decided to stay there, for example in Galway. By the way JFK’s origins are Irish as well, John Fitzgerald Kennedy I mean. Also from the west coast of Ireland. 


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