3303. Planning Lessons at a Smart Productive Pace

I wrote for example on post #3300 that to have one goal for the syllabus or program may be okay.
That is not against having more goals in relation to the syllabus, of course!
So to have one goal, a general one for each class-group is okay, for the oncoming days. Now when planning the lessons we teachers can bear in mind that general goal we had thought of, and so adjust the activities of that lesson toward that goal.
One goal or objective per class-period seems right. Two ones at the utmost respect. In other words we will plan our nice lessons with that general goal at sight, in view.
The point is to try to meet our students’ needs and expectations. Plus planning lessons in a smart and productive way. / Photo from: QiGe87 com. The picture is a season one: rainy perhaps, rather cold… in the north hemisphere of our adorable planet, the one we have to take care of and teach our students in that educative direction!


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