3309. Are You a Creative Teacher Ultimately?

I would like all of you to remember that you must be happy. The first goal... and the ultimate one of our classes is for all of us teachers to be happy. And on trying our students also be happy we have to engage our lessons.
When I see a teacher that is trying his students would be happy, he more likely may be happy too. I insist on purpose: let’s try and be happy, our students too. And that entails investing our lives on that nice effort.
But always remembering that we have also to learn to relax and have our private lives as well.
I’ve seen that when a teacher donates himself to his students he more likely may be happy. To be happy here and after this life for everlasting life in heaven. For that we know that we can count on God, we can count on what’s transcendent and spiritual, not less real though. I firmly believe so.
Some days ago I wrote, “The value of what is transcendent, spiritual and supernatural. We can count on God. I’m referring to Someone we can’t see, he lives though. December 10, 2017.” He is our Father. / Photo from: Wallpapers-New-York-City-001


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