3305. Are You Happy?

I know you’re a committed teacher.
And you should have positive thoughts when facing life and teaching. When the weather – the “interior” weather – is dull, you have to face it joyfully. You may not influence on the exterior world, but you should master your interior life: thoughts, feelings, sentiments…
In that way you’ll be able to face life in a nicer way.
You must be occupied on issues, on everyday issues, and not just preoccupied or worried about them. Make a nice face when the interior weather is dull. Even learn how to laugh at yourself – in the nice sense of defusing things that get you worried and choked.
Face up classes not as an onerous and heavy task to fulfill, but an occasion to make your students, plus their parents and families, plus your colleagues, happier. I do know cases of that nice way of living. I know you’re a committed teacher. / Photo from: man-riding-bike-blue-wall Queerty


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