3306. Are You a Flexible Teacher?

I’ve sometimes heard or read that the teacher has to be like an actor himself. I don’t mean he pretends something he doesn’t feel or he behaves and conducts himself hypocritically.
Something anyway he will have to do is showing himself with good humor, he may be tired though.
Teaching a class has something of being kind of an actor, for instance he has to act before a public, his students. And above anything else he has to direct the lesson.
Also he’ll have to be like an orchestra conductor, and I’ve referred to this on some post before. He’ll have to accomplish each student should “play his instrument” at the right time, this is, the teacher will achieve each and every student get the best from himself. And that at the right moment.
The teacher has to be like an actor, and get the best from each student, as that goes back to the origin of education: getting the best from inside and directing the way to wisdom, knowledge, skills… happiness in a word.
Educating etymologically means both getting the best from inside and leading the way. Teaching is an art, isn’t it? / Photo from: Logo Coaching Agenda. Dedicated to my colleagues at teaching.


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