Wednesday, December 6, 2017

3304. How to Quench Anxiety Both Teacher and Students

Some weeks ago I wrote some notes, as always, “Sense of humor. It helps discipline in the classroom. A correct attitude toward the disruptive lady (at present I teach adults, motivated ones). Mature personality. Positive psychology. Positive thoughts. Reason upon feelings. The teacher is the first person that must be pleased in the classroom. Nice rapport with the students. Lessons should be pleasant, as much as possible. November 20, 2017.”
And I have got little else to say. The teacher must be a mature personality. He should have positive thoughts and not get driven away by negative feelings: reason should direct negative feelings and sentiments. / Photo from: Baby-Swimming-Underwater Famlii. The pic may have nothing to do with the post comments, but it is a cute one, isn’t it?
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