3475. How to Learn Massive Vocabulary: Some Hints

We have to foster our students would learn the foreign or second language in a super-way. And that, inside an atmosphere of immersion in that language. 

So we have to also give announcements for the daily logistics in that language. And perhaps and if necessary, we could also give them in the first language afterwards. 

Nevertheless if we say those announcements in the L2 and they’re clear, let’s not repeat them in the L1... 

And for that goal our dear students should acquire and learn massive vocabulary. 

One way our students could get those words stuck in mind is by means of using and using and using those words. Unless they utilize those words, they cannot learn them or most of them. 

For example they could write sentences with those words. Some days ago a student of one of my classes told me he really thought that writing sentences with that lexis is paramount to learn it. 

Something else I do to learn and acquire words myself, for I’m also a learner of English, is that while reading a novel or a non-fiction book I actually read it as if I was writing those lines myself. It’s like I was using those new words. In that way I emphasize the use of those terms and more easily I can get them stuck in mind and memory. And later on they come up to my mind, while writing for example.

As well I try to obtain their meaning from the context. Give it a try yourself! Have a nice weekend. / Photo from: eschoolnews com


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