Tuesday, March 12, 2019

3479. Motivated Teachers and Motivated Students

Teaching English or whatever language is simply great. 

If you aren’t a native speaker yourself, you have to learn it. And that’s great too. 

And your students will ask you about many words. And you’ll have to read a lot, both fiction and non-fiction. Thus you’ll be getting lots of words. And by learning that many a word you’ll be accomplishing a kind of lattice or grid you can use for teaching your dear students. 

As well you’ll be able to acquire a language sense which is altogether useful for teaching your students. And also many words or quite some words will come to mind when writing in English, that marvelous language itself. 

It’s something from my experience indeed: I love learning and teaching English. And even more, treating with people. If you're an enthused teacher you will likely pass on that enthusiasm to your students. Have a nice day. / Photo from: the language corner madrid

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