Tuesday, March 12, 2019

3478. Communication in the Target Language in the Classroom

I have some students that achieve to understand me in English, our common target language. But others do not, what to do? 

I would intend to speak at a level all of them can understand me. That level should be a bit higher than the one they already have. This is, at a bit more advanced level than the one they speak in. 

For that reason I will utilize the marker-board or chalkboard more often than not, as an aid. As well I’ll use cognate words in both Spanish and English, when possible and when meanings are not misunderstood. Also when naturalistic: the classes should be realistic. 

Spanish, namely, is our common language. I’ve been saying the same message both in L1 and L2, sometimes, but, you know, I don’t quite like it: I guess Spanish should disappear in the classroom. 

Nevertheless if the message is so important I’ll say it in both tongues, like for example important announcements they shouldn’t miss. 

So English should be spoken but perhaps with some helpful Spanish words. 

I teach just lower levels and upper ones. With this latter case I ought to speak in English quite frequently, even always!, unless some student doesn’t understand me. As well some other learners could say the message in their English. I mean, in general I am going to use English all the time, but when necessary I will turn into Spanish… or rephrase it in other words. 

Also if my students get exposed to English they will both learn and also acquire the target language. My students now are adults: also adults can acquire the language and not merely learn it. Thus the goal is: English in the classroom. Yes and yes again! Have a nice day. / Photo from: Mind42.

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