3486. Are Your Students Intuitive Learners?

Reading both fiction and non-fiction books may be so good to learn new vocabulary of the language you’re learning. 

By reading you can learn quite many new words, but they need practice to get those words learned and memorized. 

It is not necessary you look up every single new word in the dictionary. Only from time to time or when the meaning of the text cannot be understood by you. Enjoy reading!

As well quite many words are not only learned but also acquired or gotten in an unaware way, and they pop up when writing or speaking in that language. 

Over time you get the language sense: you have a nice background to guess and know intuitively some other language aspects. In that case you kind of feel the language: you know that native speakers say things in that way and not other. You have the language sense when you’re capable to understand (both by listening and by reading), speak and write in that tongue with enough fluency. 

Only after some years of learning and acquiring are you capable to guess and intuit how natives utilize that foreign or second language. I'm referring to regular and ordinary learners. More intuitive learners could intuit for shorter periods of time. Have a nice day.


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