3490. Real and Authentic Communication in the Classroom

In a lesson of a second or foreign language, like English in my case, communication in that language is paramount. 

We teachers have to teach that language, but it is for utilizing it, also in the classroom. Otherwise our dear students will not learn and acquire it, or so slowly. 

Nevertheless, if we have teens or adults as students, also we can sometimes focus on a grammar or lexis point. Yes, because those students are already capable of dealing with abstract points. And often when we focus on those abstract points we can arouse our students’ interest and eventually boost their learning the language. 

Also because they, when learning the tongue, actually focus on those points and make up theories about them. That’s something I’ve noticed in my classes with adults. 

Anyway, I insist on purpose: the main thing in a language lesson is communication, communication, communication. We teachers will not stop too much on teaching language facts, but will promote communication. 

As well we should try to foster and create immersion in that language. 

Okay then, but if we have to give our learners announcements and they might not understand them we may do either of two things: give those notices in the target language in a thorough and comprehensive way, or say them in the learners’ language but only after we have conveyed the message in English or whatever the target tongue is. 

Thus remember that some teachers tend to teach mere language facts whereas the chief point is fostering communication. Have a nice week. 


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