3487. How Are You about Sense of Humor?

I appreciate committed teachers. They’re the protagonists of schools. Together with their dear students. 

They promote those students and boost them as learners and as persons themselves. They’re boosting their nation as well. 

However, some of those teachers look worried and uneasy. I would tell them, Enjoy teaching! It’s what you’ve got to do in the classroom. Not as a selfish seeking of some insane pride, but for the school community, and the families as well, of course. Come on, enjoy teaching!, I would tell them. When we try and do our best for other people, we likely become happy. Although we'll be happy with God our Father's help.

Something else for today. It seems sound and sensible to daily think of the classes we teach – the classes of students I mean. Maybe when planning lessons, we may think of a single thing we have to try those students should better and improve. 

Let’s think of those classes, every day, from the air, looking over, thinking of just one goal or something else those students are in need of. Have a nice day.


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