3489. The Secret of Good Lessons Is Simple?

In a classroom there must be peace. In that peace the students can grow up without stridencies. And adults can develop their skills and also their personalities. 

That personality is something we’re continuously developing. 

Also the teacher grows up or develops his personality each day, every single day. Every single day he can better as a person and as a teacher. We refer to someone’s career as a teacher. 

That teacher must have control and management of the students’ behavior. Well, more than management is rather something like helping them grow up as persons. 

And that peace and good atmosphere are only possible if that teacher has benevolence love toward his students. He seeks what is good for his students, for these ones to grow up as persons with a happy life, now and in their future. Anyway, we must always remember that we reach happiness with God our Father. 

The teacher’s profession is a service one: he devotes his better times to his students. Once one teacher – a rookie one – asked how a colleague of his could bear with his students in the classroom, although these ones were so playful and rebellious or kind of that... For all answer the veteran teacher said, “I can bear with them in the classroom because I do love them”. That love plus high professional and technical standards from the teacher are the secret of success as a teacher. Have a nice week. 


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