3488. What Is a Good Learner Like?

An adult can be a gold mine of sources for learning a language, like English. 

He can face up learning and acquiring that language in a great way. He’s a person with perhaps a lot of rich experiences. I teach adults these last years, and they’re great at learning. 

They can take up habits that are crucial for learning, and discard others that do not work. They can reflect upon their learning, more than young kids, who don’t have abstract thinking. They’re like teachers themselves. That does not mean they don’t need extra help from a teacher. Just also they do not leave all the teaching/learning process upon their teacher’s back. 

They are resourceful. Or they may be. They carry a load of experiences to the classroom. Also they may have strong perseverance attitudes. They’re great. Demanding, though, very much indeed. 

They have learning strategies. And they apply them to everyday learning. They’re fantastic students, or they may be. They take lots of initiatives, or they may do. Anyway, many of these features may be owned by teens as well. Have a nice weekend. 


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