24. Do I have to love my students?

Once, a long time ago, one teacher was asked, "Pedro, ¿¡cómo soportas a los niños!?" - "Porque les quiero", whatsoever way they behaved... or misbehaved.

Yes, for sure, on the other hand, you must teach them how to behave well, to become thorough women and men, mature persons.

You know what? Sometimes I leave a class thinking it was kind of a bit of a mess, somewhat troublesome. Then I have a streak of failure.

Let's be objective, go to the specific real point: it was not so bad as you thought then. Think of that tomorrow, not right after the class.

Something else. Look at their faces, at each one, and notice that Jaime looks a little sad, always... I think to remember that his parents are separated - I'm not sure, anyway.

Give him a tactful detail today, appreciate his wee contribution today. He expects that from you.


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