36. The learner really learns with strategies

We all use various strategies of learning when we learn a language.

Many times we don't realize of some of these strategies.

The adult often has more strategies than young learnes. Beside the fact that this person has a need of learning for a specific purpose.

Better to talk about strategies if available individual tutorials with your students. However, you can talk with your class all together, and let them suggest strategies.

In tutorials ask him how he does to learn.

Now I give an example.

The young learner quite often, in some of our schools, practice a grammar pattern by means of translation, and conversion.

Conversion from affirmative into negative and interrogative.

Yet he does not use this pattern in real life!

He does not interiorize the pattern.

Ok, let him learn the theoretical-pattern mode, but practice it in varied situations in the class, with a significance for him.

And in the future he will utilize this pattern in his real life when speaking with people from other countries, or through the Internet.

One point. My style of writing the posts is as if I would be talking with a prospective teacher. I would feel glad if as well I can help you some way - you, a veteran of war.

Today is July 21, the 40th anniversary of Man on the Moon - I attach a photo celebrating the anniversary.

Thanks to www coverbrowser com for the picture.

Take care.
I've just reread this post.
I'd like to give more specific examples of a realistic practice of a grammar structure.
First, you study past simple in the class. They do some homework. Now, they have the pattern in their minds.
Nevertheless, if you do not utilize it in class, your students will not be able to use it in real life - Or at least, the practical use in real life in the future will possibly be more tough.
What did you do yesterday? Say something you yourself did yesterday.
Mold the answer, give examples yourself.
Give them funny examples. Now, say something you did not do yesterday. More examples by you. Etc.
All in all, this practice activity should not take more than 5'. But repeat the activity on following days.
You say, Yesterday you went to the police station, hmhm?, helping yourself with somehow fun gestures and intonations.
Fun is something necessary.
Plus things that have significance for them, like soccer, or a fashion movie.
English, or French are practical school subjects, different than History - i love history.


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