475. Her capability to acquire Spanish?: Awesome!

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “The teacher of English needs wisdom. For any regular day. Wisdom makes classes and education of our students deeper and more human, with plenty of values. I found some words by John Paul II that made me think. Listen,
‘In the Old Testament [of the Bible] was developed and flourished a rich tradition of wise doctrine and thought. On the human level, such a tradition shows human person’s desire to coordinate the data of his or her experiences and his or her knowledge, in order to direct his or her life as the most fruitful and wisest one.’ Something I’m rolling in my head lately is that the human person’s wisdom, the teacher’s wisdom and competence ultimately come from God, who has an everending Wisdom. Our wisdom is like a spark, a big one, of God’ one.
Well, sure thing, counting on the teacher of English’s learning and working.”
[The translation of the text is by me; I’ve done slight changes, precisely to clarify its meaning. The text is from the general audience to ordinary people in Rome on April 22, 1987]. / Photo from: student1 uncg edu


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