Monday, July 2, 2012

863. Teaching as a creative job

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Have you ever thought of our job as being something very creative, very original?

The teacher is the main source of activities for the classes, isn't he? And think not only of the source of activities but also of knowledge (usually), ideas, the mood of the class, the actual conducting of the class, communication, tasks, order, setting good examples, the concept or idea of what work is - as a human activity -, joy, rigor in the work.

He or she creates the class, each class. Together with his or her students, but in some way that teacher can achieve to get the students’ creativity from deep there inside them: the teacher is also the source of hints and prompts that shed light to the students to be creative, and to be autonomous learners.

His or her work ought not to be only bureaucratic, just technical, just monotonous, unadventurous.” / Photo from: jlpbootcamp com. female teacher teaching in class
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