Wednesday, July 18, 2012

872. Starting the motor

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “In your private classes to a student, remember that this one must progress: if at the beginning of the classes you helped him set one hour of personal study at home, now, two months later, he should have gotten to study that set time, not less.

Recognize his progress, though this progress may consist of small things. The point is to pull him upward and make him the protagonist of his own advancing. He didn’t want to study, but now, two months later, he ought to wish to study.

Be patient and stand by him, making him become aware of the small steps of progress he’s walking upward. You, his teacher, combine encouraging him with demanding him, for example when making him try to understand the instructions of the activities of the text book, or to revise at home some grammar chart you’ve set him to do. If he hasn’t studied it, ask him why.

Last thing today: when you’re presenting him some grammar point, give him written sentences with contents that are part of his ordinary life.” / Photo from: stumbleinn net. 1938 Phantom Corsair, one of the first futuristic concept cars
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