Tuesday, July 17, 2012

871. Bring all you have

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “You don’t just teach English and that’s all. Let me tell you. You act as a human person in classes, right? Your acts and actions are human, are the ones that only a human person can do.

Besides, all your person is implied, involved in your work, in your labor: your body, your voice, your biography, your face, your experience, your family relationships, your soul, your weaknesses and your fortitude, your opinion about work, your expectations, your worries, your love to the students and their families, your weariness, your sport, your mastering or your lack of it concerning teaching English, the clothes you wear, the stuff you bring to the classroom, plus a neverending list of other things.

Your work, as you strive to do things well, cannot be paid with money solely - obviously you expect this latter thing.

Something else: if the being that does that labor is a human person, which evidently is the case, the consequence is also that ethics is involved here: you either do good actions or you do bad actions.” / Photo from: gazellessystems com. meeting
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