Sunday, July 22, 2012

876. Helping to learn to learn

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “One privileged moment for assisting your students to learn English is tutoring sessions or tutorials. In my school a tutor of a boy can talk with him individually.

At this time the teacher could ask the student how this latter one can learn English: what he can do in classes, what he can do at home, how he can use the course book and the workbook. The teacher may think the student gives childish answers like, ‘What to do you say? To study harder.’ Don’t blow the answer! Then the teacher can ask him to show his course book, and try to fix more specific responses.

Also the teacher can ask him: ‘What have your class-group done in the class of English lately’, or whether he understands the book, or how the student can use the pictures of the book as an aid to understand the exercises, and the kind.

I'm commenting on all of this because of a twofold reason: the course book of English can prove to be a big help to learn that language, and second because a lot of students do not know how they can utilize the course books of English.

In time the teacher will be more comfortable because he will be able to figure out more possible problems the students may have with this type of books, which usually prove to be a great help for the teachers of English, French, German...” / Photo from: e3kids com. african students in class
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