Saturday, July 7, 2012

866. They're learning

A learner of English or of any other modern language uses and applies learning strategies of his or her own: translation, trying to understand the core when listening to a text or to a conversation, intuition, gestures, explaining the meaning of a word when he or she doesn’t know that exact word, etc.

I have devoted many posts to learning strategies. They are  key in learning a language. Maybe you can find something interesting if you click on the ‘learning strategies’ label or on ‘autonomous learners’.

If you’re a teacher of any modern language (or a learner), I would say you could read and think of the contents of the quotation. This latter one was copied by me (May 28, 2004) when reading OXFORD, Rebecca (1990) Language Learning Strategies. What Every Teacher Should Know. Boston: Heinle & Heinle Publishers (She’s just brilliant).

In this blog I have written more about this book. You can copy and paste part of the title in the search box, or her full name. The quotation refers to the characteristics of those strategies: “Planning, competition, conscious manipulation, and movement toward a goal.” (Page 7) / Photo from: chupetesybiberones es. foto niños leyendo  
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