Friday, July 27, 2012

880. It's a long way for the teacher still

Exams and tests can give us, teachers, feedback – interesting one. The teachers on post # 879 carried on talking about this, and I could hear them.

When reading and grading our students’ exam papers we can see many possible things: this point over here that I supposed it was clear it isn’t at all, and needs extra work; as well we can gain a vision of how well our students lately are, for example concerning writing stories - I used to include one question in written tests that was to write a short story: I enjoyed some of the stories: very imaginative.

Summing up: by reading and grading our students’ tests we teachers can improve our way of teaching, or telling stories, or presenting a grammar pattern, or implementing listening activities, or keeping doing that thing that way, which lately is turning out ok.

At this moment of grading and at other times we can catch ourselves learning from our students... / Photo from: wired com. ford fiesta world tour 2003. driving around the world  
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