886. Fortunately English is spoken world-wide

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Man and woman are born in a country, with her traditions, culture, history. I think it’s important to go to school taking into account and within the context of those traditions, culture and history.

In our case, teachers of English as a foreign language, I also think that at least partially our students should learn and acquire English in the context of traditions, culture and history of the men and women that were the predecessors of today’s people.

The point is that fortunately there’re many countries where English is spoken as the first language or as a co-official language. Also fortunately some coursebooks of the English language include key facts of those traditions, culture and history.

The case I remember is a British context. I guess, which isn’t simple perhaps, coursebooks of English should include a few facts of those countries where English is spoken every day.

So sorry if I forget some countries where English is the first language (or it's a second tongue). Think of UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, Malta, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Togo, Sri Lanka, Trinidad-Tobago...

Summing up: textbooks or coursebooks of English could perhaps bring up some amusing or interesting pieces of history or anecdotes of those countries: we cannot get rid of traditions, culture and history of those beloved countries.” / Photo from: vbk- children reading Tintin. picture by S R Raghunathan


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