888. I think teachers are great

I was thinking of you, teachers, whose posts and comments appear in such web sites as British Council – BBC or TeacherLingo.

Often I read your posts, or part of them. I big thank you. You may have not realized of it but you help me in my daily work with your work and enthusiasm. A teacher that makes posts and comments has to be somebody enthused, isn’t he? Well, it might happen (likely) some of you’re burned out, but there you are, keeping on publishing posts, commenting on others’ posts, asking questions, giving your opinions.

Also I’m so grateful to the two web sites themselves, British Council – BBC and TeacherLingo. I name those two because they’re the ones I contribute to; evidently there’re many other sites.

Thank you, teachers, again, for sharing material for classes and your valuable experiences. Alike there’re plenty of teachers that don’t publish in any web sites, yet there you are, in your classrooms day after day: I would like your work should be reckoned here as well. / Photo from: guardian co uk. students listening to teacher    


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