Sunday, August 5, 2012

884. Another new beautiful vista

Some of my adult students tend to say that they know little of English, whereas the truth is that some of them have an upper-intermediate level of language, I’d say. I teach a group of those people.

They tell me they’re too old to learn – they’re recently retired workers. How much can they really learn and acquire, concerning some competence at communicating in English? I believe – some of them are rather oldish – I should help them become more capable of learning and acquiring English. How shall I do this, how shall I prepare them to become more skillful to learn and acquire English?

Scholar and expert H. D. Brown wrote, referring to learners: ‘Don’t sell yourself short! You can no doubt take in a lot more information if you just make up your mind that you can do it and then exert some effort!’ (Page 50 from already mentioned A Practical Guide to Language Learning...).

Summing up: right now I make the resolution of trying to help those people become more skillful to reach as much as possible: I wish they tentatively take enough competence to be able to hold conversations in English and speak in that language when they travel abroad, for example for managing in a restaurant, for asking for help to arrive at certain place, etc. I ask God for help to reach this: the more the better. / Photo from: lizasreef com. tropical rainforest      
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