Friday, August 24, 2012

894. Experience from any regular day

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “I totally agree: our students must develop critical sense, a critical eye, when facing up with written texts in any coursebook.

I reckon it’s clearer when you think of ads and tv spots: I cannot admit to compulsively shop all what they’re saying is good for me, a young man, or a young woman.

As well, I would insist on developing, whilst the years are passing, that the student should have critical sense when reading history texts, the papers, political speeches and slogans...

A colleague of ours last day told me she tried her students gain all this through commentaries on texts, like novels, papers, emotional magazines, and other things. Basically she just helped her teens think – that’s it: think!

Think on the basis of experience, one’s biography, discourse thinking, contrasting, previous knowledge, knowledge of life, processing of thought, other students’ opinions.

In few words: the point is we educators (their families first; ours is a subsidiary labor) at school one of the most fundamental things we’ve got to do is making our kids think: that’ll have been a nice labor for the years they have spent in our schools.” / Photo from: grace edu

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