Tuesday, August 7, 2012

885. Mom, I've got to walk the dog

It’s known by anyone that kids (in general) dedicate a lot of time to playing videogames.

A teacher and friend of mine told me once that instead of insisting kids and parents not to devote so much time to videogames, it is better we teachers should insist on studying, on sitting in front of books and studying: textbooks and course books include so interesting information and formation: math, history, literature, languages, spelling, chemistry, science, fine arts, music...

It seems sensible to relax between school and homework, but we should help students not to get too much distracted from the school subject matters. I would advise the recess between school and homework should take between twenty and thirty minutes.

I think watching television may get them too much distracted.

One more thing: if possible, students should dedicate some time to sport in the evening, or in the afternoon. / Photo from: gsd1. german shepherds are also prominent in the world of service dogs
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