891. Effort when at school

Sandie Weems, thank you for your comment. A nice one.

This is a BEAUTIFUL picture! I have been there several times as my family is from No. Ireland and this is one of my favorite places. I have pictures but I have to admit yours caught it all!!!! Hopefully am going back next year and will have pictures of my own to post. :)   On 432. Beautiful, but real?

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “I’ve seen you sometimes write brief notes on your students’ paper tests when correcting and grading them. You say you write those things in red as encouragement or more often, as gently praising their effort to improve and gain communicative competences or whatever.

And once you told me that not only good grades should be praised but also effort, effort to improve and do things better. I totally agree with you: one student may have not gotten a good grade now but lately he or she is striving to write better sentences for example, and that effort should be awarded.

On the other side good grades are a result of effort.” / Photo from: youthkiawaaz com. education in India


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