Saturday, August 18, 2012

890. Opening up new panoramas

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “A couple days ago we saw high-achievers’ case. What about students that have problems at learning and studying? I’m trying and say just something here.

These latter students may be suffering, because they see something is expected from them, and they don’t or can’t do it. They may feel bad, unsatisfied. Everyone expects more from him. He feels awful with himself perhaps.

His tutor must listen to him – and the student can give vents to his misery. The kid lets himself be listened by and educated by who he knows loves him – this is love of benevolence; all love is of bene-volence.

Some phenomenon related to this is that in the classroom this student may show off and behave bad and conduct in an arrogant way. You know, quite often this manifestation is a sign of the insecurity he feels, very typical in adolescents.

Education is something personalized: his tutor can put the boy an easy and challenging goal for the next week. As I’ve always said, male tutors for male students and female teachers for girls.” / Photo from: lizasreef com. peacock in a tropical rainforest
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