Sunday, August 12, 2012

887. Still on vacations

Hi everybody, one of you sent me a comment on post # 886. I didn’t publish it just because I don’t understand it. Could you please be more explicit? I would appreciate it.

Something different: I have a tank of possible posts: I will be publishing some of them, thinking of you readers. The thing is that I regularly revise one previous post, every day, one post already published much before, in order to refresh knowledge and practice for my classes. Should I publish the best of them again? I don’t think so.

There you are; you have the labels and the titles of the posts on the right columns on this blog. At your disposal, anyway, of course, in case you have a question or whatever.

Oh, something else; it’s a bit curious and interesting: I see you in the US (and in many other countries) are starting the academic year! This is something not to be thought here in Spain. The final exams in our schools were on the very last days of June. Thus we teachers started our vacations in July. And we will start the new academic year at the beginnings of September; and the classes in the second or third week of September. Each teacher can work on his own at home either in July or August.

Why the beginnings of the year that late? Well, you may think, for example, that right these days we have temperatures of much higher than 40º Centigrade – I calculate about 110º or even 120º Farenheit. Temperatures here lately can be some 40º, 45º, 49º Centigrade. Old people are advised not to go out during the hottest times in the day. We keep in touch! / Photo from: ehow com. article new ehow images a06 bc mb family – bbq – game – ideas. mom and child playing       
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