Tuesday, August 21, 2012

892. A good performance? Because of a good professional

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “The teacher has his duties, which ones he must fulfill. There is a value, and a virtue, of justice for the teacher.

First he has to attend his daily work and does his best at school. Quite often these primeval values have as a result a good teaching, and correspondingly a good learning by his students. He must fulfill a schedule.

The students he has as tutees have the right to be listened to, assisted, educated, his parents assisted in that role of educating.

He must work with rigor and competence. Must improve as a professional. Moreover in private schools parents or families pay for the schooling, and the teacher must make a good use of this investment. Other times it’s the nation that pays for the schooling; anyway, the teacher also here has to make good use of the schooling. Coming to the head, it’s taxpayers who pay for the schooling.

Even he must fulfill his work with some mastery – at least he must try. His duty is working hard, making his students learn English (in our case); and tentatively: students have the obligation of using their talents too.

Last thing: if most of his students failed an exam..., hmmm, well, think of it, man, try and discern what side the ball was: his students were lazy this time?; he didn’t work thoroughly?; maybe both? Anyway, stop to think of it with serenity and draw your honest conclusions.” / Photo from: mexico cnn com. Alondra de la Parra. Directora de orquesta mejicana   
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