Sunday, November 23, 2014

2063. A program for learning how to study better

At the school where I teach there’s going to be a program soon about studying strategies, taught by a team of teachers. 

The idea is to help our students study better and harder, or in other words, learn how to carry out their current “job”, which is studying. 

In the program brochure you can read that the teachers in charge of the program will work with our students in several fields, such as making good use of time, making up outlines and summarizing, studying time planning, and training in presenting a topic – in Spanish, for the course is for general purposes and not for a specific school subject, such as English. 

I guess it’s great, and covers our students’ needs and expectations. 

The school is Asociación Cultural y Deportiva Alayos, in Granada, Spain. / Photo from: www alayos com
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