Saturday, November 29, 2014

2074. How to feel cozy in the classroom

Students in our classrooms must feel nice. All the school must be nice. 

The first premise is teaching the students to drop for instance wrapping paper into trash cans (or litter boxes). 

In girls’ schools the classroom might be even cozy. 

Take into account that we the teachers and the students spend long for a single day. And this is day after day, I mean, a lot of time. 

The school is kind of a second home. 

There should be central heating, and, if possible, air conditioning, or fans. 

Something that has proved to be sound is to make a small job list. 

You can have students who erase the chalkboard and clean the eraser, rearrange desks into rows, 
turn off lights at the end of the day, 
be in charge of selecting useful posters and projects to set on the notice boards, 
open the window to air the stuffy classroom, 
remind their classmates of rearranging desks into rows, 
a team to set a Nativity scene and other things related to Christmas, etc. / Photo from: NSW-Kingsgrove-North-High-School. kab org au
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