Sunday, January 10, 2016

2736. A Marriage Still in Love

I’m telling you a story which is based on real facts, and which I’ve just read, and which one could help anyone passing through hard times in their marriage. 

In marriage spouses must renew the genuine and respectful love they had when they were not married yet – I mean for example that excitement, plus delicate love plus preserving themselves concerning sexual relationship to marriage. 

What the man does to conquer his girl for example must be repeated in marriage. 

For instance we have a marriage that decided to make up a plan just they two, nobody else. Their young kids were taken to the grandparents’ house, and they had kept a day for them, just for them two. 

They went to a brook, and they swam in a small lake under a water fall. After that they took a sunbath lying on a rock. Later they had a meal with snacks and sandwiches made at home. They were completely alone. 

Then she took her husband’s hand and said that that was so marvelous and like in a paradise; then they kissed in a pure and lovely and chaste and respectful way. 

On the trip back home she said about how many marriages didn’t do like them, and that that experience should be repeated again. Their love kept alive. 

On everyday conducting and living together he must make up tiny details for his wife and she should be not too much dedicated to their young kids and babies, but as well dedicate time to her husband and talking. Of course they had arranged housework together to gain that necessary time. / Photo from: gunn-brook-fall-summer www patrickzephyphoto com
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