Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2746. On Love Again

What a great thing is to learn we are loved by others, like for instance our family, our spouse and children, even our students… Unless we feel so I’m afraid it is not a good point, as it’s evident and obvious. 

Sometimes when we love…, well, better said, always we should love other people, and our students as well, with love of benevolence – every time we love a person we are doing a paramount thing. 

Each person is absolutely and totally unique, and it is worth to love him or her. Each one is irreplaceable too, and can do things no one else can do. 

Something great is to foster our students’ potentials – that’s education or part of it. Even disabled people, persons, are worth being loved by us alike. / Photo from: Bike_Safety www kids-safety-klub com
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