Friday, January 15, 2016

2742. Just It Is Love

I have finished an interesting book about a marriage, in which parents loved each other and kept and held that original love along the years: you can see they keep and foster the love they had when they were engaged and in the first period of their marriage. 

In this way they create an affective atmosphere that obviously reaches their children but also even friends and acquaintances. This love permeated their family relationships, as I said. 

Therefore the children had a brotherly and sisterly love to one another. 

The marriage kept holding an authentic love, the same that led them to marriage. This love created an affective network that extended among their children and their friends and acquaintances. 

Their kids felt that love and it led them to face up with life in a positive way. Their adolescence, as those kids were growing, was not a rather terrific period, but a time of relative calmness, the most that a regular teen can experience. 

The authors are Spanish Bárbara Sotomayor and Alberto Masó. / Photo from: desktop nexus com, the photo is just an illustration
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