Sunday, January 17, 2016

2744. Motivation and Discipline

I was going to post some ideas I’ve thought, and which ones could help someone. But now I’m writing about teens. 

A few hours ago I was walking on the street. And I’ve seen some teens of those that practice making stunning pirouettes with their bikes. Which can be ok and amazing and artistic. 

But the way they were dressing and their vocabulary have worried me, one more time. I can’t judge them I guess – I don’t know them, but many of those boys (above all boys) have their mind in things that may prevent them from studying for example Chemistry, or English, or… 

What are they thinking (some of them, many of them) about? Of girls, drinks… Well, I don’t intent to picture a negative scene too much. 

I’ve written a lot about motivation, class management, discipline. On the label icon of my blog you can see them. 

Now I just say that we teachers can try to combine discipline with affection, a firm hand with understanding them. Many teachers’ experiences say that’s a nice way to gain those kids. / Photo from: www fotosearch com
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