Friday, January 22, 2016

2750. Female Teachers Are Essential

Female teachers can provide some characteristics that are particular to them and which ones enhance school life. 

They are up to little details, to specific points, have a special tenderness, a strong fortitude to say things clear, to take care of both people and material school stuff, have a lot of generosity, have a strong heart, have the sense of accuracy, have a special aptitude to both listen and speak, have intuition, have a special perseverance, have a deep piety, have a great respect to people (to each person), have a sense of balance and equality, phew! 

I’ve seen all this, I would add. I’m also referring here to school lady cleaners. Our schools, and girl schools, would not be the same without all of them. / Photo from: nena_profesora www guiametabolica org
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